North Alabama Boxers

Welcome to North Alabama Boxers

We are a family breeder that raise good, healthy, family boxers. We keep our boxers in the house with us when we are not at a ball field with the kids. We treat our boxers just like family.

Newest Litter: All puppies are currently sold. Please check back later for our next litter.

Boxers are a great breed of dog. I grew up with dogs but they were cattle dogs (blue heelers). A previous boss had boxers and I really enjoyed their enthusiasm. When my son became old enough to help take care of a dog I decided we would get a boxer. We immediately fell in love with her and this breed.

Boxers have been around possibly as far back as 2500 B.C. but were developed and refined in Germany in the 1800's for hunting and as guard dogs. The boxer's undershot jaw was great for holding large game such as wild boar, bear and bison. The boxers were especially protective of the children. This loving, loyal personality has remained in the dogs today.

Boxers are more than willing to play with the kids or adults or just whatever they find. Boxers has a great ability to entertain themselves. This could mean something as simple as a toy or maybe even chewing the wall off your house. Boxers are typically very quite dogs and typically only bark when being approached by strange people or animals. Boxers can be very stubborn but given proper motivation they are more than willing to do all they can for you. They can also become bored with same mundane tricks.

Boxers have very thin, fine fur that does shed. This thin coat does not do well with extreme cold weather. They also do not do very good with extreme heat either. Boxers are so active and have a very short muzzle which will cause them to overheat in such heat. Most boxers do not care for the water either, so putting a small pool for them to lay in may not work. In fact our boxers don't even like going out in the rain. I know some of that is because they are spoiled, but I have read this is part of the boxer nature.

Boxers have 2 standard colors fawn and brindle. The fawn color can range from a light tan to a mahogany. The brindle color can be clearly defined black stripes or a "reverse brindle" where the predominant color is black and with other stripes. A "flashy" fawn or "flashy" brindle refers to the amount of white on the dog. This is typically from having a full white collar, white chest, white on the face and feet. If you are going to show the dogs then they will be disqualified if they have more than 1/3 of their body is white. It is also common to have white boxers. Some of the white boxers may be deaf but this is not a definite combination. The other color is black. You may also hear them described as "sealed". Some people say this is not a legit color, but there are plenty of organizations that say they are valid. In fact there are some breeders that only breed sealed boxers.